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Joyride014: Meet international bicycle touring photographer Katherine Walton

Meet Katherine!

Howdy Joyriders!

This week on the show you’ll meet Katherine Walton who shares with us some stories about her 14,000 miles pedaling all over the planet. In this episode we’re going to talk about tandem bike tour drama, photography, foodstuffs on tour, and more.

Here are some of the topics discussed in this show:
Bad Ass Women on Bikes:
1:00 Kristen Armstrong is going down in history.
2:45 Tip of the hat to Velo News.
4:50 My VeniVidiVelo PDX ride report / #V3PDX on Instagram
What I’m Loving this Week:
5:45 Handleband by Nitize – Universal smartphone mount
7:00 Pedalshift.net & show on Annie Londonderry
Let’s get to know Katherine:
 10:00 Getting into touring, despite tandem drama
Bike!Bike! 2010 in Toronto
 18:30 Traveling light
22:30 What to keep an eye on, mechanically speaking, when on tour
24:40 Photography – favorite moments
28:40 Equipment
37:00 Every ride carries: Topeak Alien II Multi tool
45:30 Stupid homemade can stove vs MSR Pocket Rocket
 47:40 How does your garden grow?
Connect with Katherine on Insta!
50:00 Dream Ride
Avoiding mountains in Switzerland
53:00 Advice for new riders
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Oh yeah 🙂 – Leslie Jones on the Women’s Olympic Road Race – NSFW/Earmuffs.
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