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Joyride019: Let’s meet Megan Hottman, the Cyclist Lawyer

Meet Megan!

Howdy Joyriders!

I opened this show with a few thoughts about the wintry weather we’ve had here in Portland over the past week. Last Tuesday we got clobbered with a foot of snow and a city that screeched to a halt. But, as the first flakes fell, I had no idea what we were in store for.  I took a snap to show you my experience. Check it out here.

In the week since then, I mostly worked from home but then braved public transit (with a ride to and from the Max station here and there) and today, finally, the snow has melted and I was able to get on the bike after 8-ish days. I have so much gratitude for public transportation, but I do not enjoy paying to go slower than I can on bike. That said, I do think it’s excellent. I definitely had a miracle moment or two making dubious one minute connections. C’est la vie!

>>Do you have wintry bike rides? Tag me up on the Instagram on your wintry bike pictures.<<<

On this episode I chat with the Cyclist Lawyer Megan Hottman (@cyclist_lawyer) about getting competitive, her first bikepacking trip, and the one thing she wishes cyclists knew about the law.

Here are links to some of the topics discussed in this show:
5:00 Colorado livin’
all the bikes!
9:00 Law!
14:30 what she wishes everyone would know about bikes and the law
18:00 origins! Check out this little puddin!
baby megan
19:33 how did Megan find cycling in college?
21:00 Megan’s bike stable 2 road, 2 cx, 2 mtb, fat bike, commuter, tt, track (10)
24:00 Bikepacking w/ the Steamboat Rallye! The Cyclists Menu / The Steamboat Ramble – late July 2017
27:30 Favorite Shops – Big Ring Cycles
29:00 Megan’s advice for getting competitive
32:00 Power Tap – train with power – a watt is a watt, and the data don’t lie!
34:00 Strava matters for commuters!
37:00 how to find the right team for you
39:50 solo or group ride preference?
47:00 advice for new riders
Big thanks to Megan for hanging out and talking bikes with us! Here’s her law practice and be sure to  follow her on Instagram.
Follow the show too, while you’re at it @thejoyridepodcast.
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