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Joyride028: Catching up with our favorite vagabond Jasmine Reese II

Howdy Joyriders!

Welcome our first returning guest! Friend of the show Jasmine Reese is back! We first met Jasmine back on episode #4 of The Joyride, that was a vintage, launch week episode and a whole lot has happened since!

Jasmine has pedaled more than 14,000 miles across North America with her lovely fur baby and best friend, Fiji, and met countless kind souls and fiddle strings along the way. On this episode we talk about barter culture and the kindness of others, her favorite stretch of road, why she’s transitioning to a recumbent trike, and plans for Jasmine and Fiji’s next epic adventure.

Learn all about Jasmine and Fiji’s adventures over the years at FiJaPAW.com (short for Jasmine and Fiji Pedal Around the World) and click here to read her journals!

The Pedalshift Project 069: Jasmine and Fiji bicycle the world, living the vagabond life.

Recently, Jasmine was featured on USA Today. Check out the article here!

Before we get into that, a few things:

>> First, it is June, and in Portland where every month is bike month, June is something special because of Pedalpalooza, a month long celebration where community members organize different themed rides. I went to the kick off ride this year and was so glad that I did! I ran into a gal who came on the bike camping trip that I co-hosted with friend of the show Mollie Futterman (Joyride003) last year. We had a great time rolling around Portland, including taking the lane on a few bridges with a few hundred new friends.

Yes, there was one or two disgruntled motorists and I did feel bad for them. Traffic here sucks already, and you then add in all the extra riders that the sun draws out, and a whole calendar of rides all month long, and well….. Might I suggest cycling?

Anywhoo Joyriders, maybe one of these bike fun events will inspire you to organize something cool in your town. I will be attending the Bikecamping 101 ride on June 12. Say Hi if you see me.

>>If you’re listening to this within a few weeks of the release, June 2017, there’s still time to get in on the WomenBikePDX Bike Camping for beginners. That’s happening solstice weekend, it’s for women and women identified folk, hosted by me, yours truly. it’s a 24 mile casual ride suitable for any skill level, $10-$15 sliding scale includes camping, firewood, two meals, and a whole lotta good company. We’re having an info session on June 13 at the Street Trust formerly known as BTA on NW Glisan in Portland. Join the Women Bike PDX Facebook group and register here. It’s gonna be rad.

>> Speaking of Rad, you might recall when Aqua Dublavee and I were having Coffee Outside a few shows back on Ep 24, I mentioned that Veni Vidi Velo was not happening this year, but I am so pleased to report that this is no longer true! V3 IS Happening it’s the first weekend in August. it’s for women trans femme bike glamping weekend in the Portland area.

I will not be there this year, unfortunately, but I think YOU should go, and have a fantastic time. Email venividivelo[at]gmail[dot]com for questions or to register.

Jasmine Reese!

Here’s some topics discussed in this episode in no particular order:

Warm Showers

Work Away

Loneliest Road in America

Trans Canada Trail

C & O Canal Trail

Kona Sutra

I.C.E. Trikes

CycleTote Dog Trailers

Big thanks to Jasmine for hanging out! Be sure to follow her and Fiji on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and of course at FiJaPAW.com.

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Remember, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

Keep moving forward and until next time I hope you enjoy the ride.

Forever Forward,


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