/, Podcast/Joyride033: Saddle up, cargo mamas – we talk family biking with podcaster Sara Kopper of Family Pedals

Joyride033: Saddle up, cargo mamas – we talk family biking with podcaster Sara Kopper of Family Pedals

Joyriders, Meet Sarah!

Sarah Kopper hosts the podcast Family Pedals, featuring – you guessed it: families on bikes! Sarah explores the dynamics of going car-lite or car-free with children in tow! Her show sounds great, folks – not like this crap I’M pedaling over here!

Links to topics discussed on the show:

Family Pedals

Bicycle Fleet

Sarah’s Electra Ticino

Yepp Mini Kiddo Seat

Yellow Bike Project, Austin

The Revolution Bike & Bean

Cycling Norway!

Rachel Jonat

Mark Stosberg

Davey Oil from G&O Family Cyclery

Make sure you check out Family Pedals and follow her up on Instagram! Let her know you enjoyed the show!


Coming up on the Bike Love Calendar:

In the Portland area? LET’S RIDE OUR BIKES TO SEE:

 Ovarian Psycos at Hollywood Theater: January 28, 2018 @ 7pm

From the Community Cycling Center:
“The film “Ovarian Psycos” rides along with the Ova’s, exploring the impact of the group’s activism, born of feminist ideals, Indigenous understanding and an urban/hood mentality, on neighborhood women and communities as they confront injustice, racism, and violence, and take back their streets one ride at a time.”

From Friends on Bikes: 

“Ovarian Psyco-Cycles is a women of color cycling group in East L.A. that creates safer streets for women, and gives a voice to those who are disempowered. They inspire us to be strong, resilient and fight for our beliefs as a woman of color.”

Meet up: Ex Novo @ 5:30 pm. Details here.

Film: Hollywood Theater @ 7 pm | Tickets to benefit the Community Cycling Center

Ovarian Psycos – Teaser from Sylvia Frances Films on VimeoHere’s another fantastic clip in this OPB article. 

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Never forget, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

Keep moving forward and until next time I hope you enjoy the ride.

Forever Forward!




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