/, Podcast/Joyride035: Let’s meet badass Aussie adventure-seeker Richelle Olsen’s group for plus-sized women

Joyride035: Let’s meet badass Aussie adventure-seeker Richelle Olsen’s group for plus-sized women

Joyriders, Meet Richelle!


Richelle Olsen is a badass Australian adventure-seeker who is all about body positivity and escaping your comfort zone. I had such a great time chatting with her and could mostly keep up with her accent!

Topics discussed on the show:

Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia

Adult onset athlete

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mt. Everest Basecamp

Pink Triathalon

Escaping Your Comfort Zone

The Inca Trail

The Great Divide Trail

Aussie Rail Trails

Tour Divide

Whistler, B.C

Banff, Alberta

Steamboat Springs, Colorado


Pacific Coast Highway

Cycling to Cabo


Helinox chair

Bike Touring for Beginners w/ Escaping Your Comfort Zone
Trail mix + chocolate!!
Cheesy mashed potato flakes
Jetboil superstove
Couscous with tuna
Cycling Australia versus in the U.S.
Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcast:
The kindness of strangers
Packin’ heat
Calling out shit (check this counterpoint to call-out culture)
#sayhername: Senator Penny Wong

Casual violence and the turdness of people

Words of wisdom: Find your tribe! Facebook and Meet-up area great resources! It takes a lot of guts to reach out -“your dreams need to outweigh your fears.”

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Check out RichelleOlsen.com RichelleRides on Insta + Escaping your comfort zone (on Insta)  Tag us in a story if you enjoyed the show!

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