I am so thankful for all these fantastic folx I’ve met over the years thanks to the Joyride. But I especially love the connections I’ve made with podcasting fam! The following image was taken by Mr. Brock Dittus and is of (left to right)  Aaron Flores and Guthrie Straw of the Sprocket Podcast, myself, and Tim Mooney of the Pedalshift Project when we recorded the 100th Episode of Pedalshift at StreamPDX in Portland in December 2017.

School of Greatness w/ Lewis Howes

Taking Control: the ADHD Podcast

Blogs  & Websites


This is pretty much a bible. If you’re into those things..for bikes.. anyway. I won this from Rodale in an Instagram contest and it’s definitely chock full of info to get any gal riding.

This is my first introduction to Fit Chick Selene Yeager. I’ve lost over 120 lbs in my life, and I credit the bike with being the activity I fell in love with. While I did not follow the programs in this book to the letter, they were a great foundation for my sustainable weight loss.

Truth is, you should buy this book right from Microcosm publishing. But, if you insist on buying it directly from Amazon, please use the link above so I can siphon a few pennies from the Bezos empire.

Pedal Zombies is bicycle feminist science fiction, again from Microcosm – so get it from there instead.. Yours truly has a shorty published in this book. Check it out!

This fantastic volume from Elly Blue and April Streeter is a must-read for any bike-loving gal.

Okay, listen, Michael Pollen helped me to understand food and independencies in ways that I hadn’t before. I definitely recommend it.



This pulse-pounding film follows an intense bike packing race down the Great Continental Divide!

OMG this is my favorite bike movie ever! I know some of you will love that this is starring a young, handsome Kevin Costner and all that – but really Rae Dawn Chung steals the show. That flat change?! YOW!


Stroopwafels are the original Dutch treat!

This is by far the best protein powder drink I’ve tried yet that can stand up on its own in water and mixes easily with a Blender Bottle. I definitely drink this for breakfast (usually with a scoop of peanut butter added) on the mornings I commute into the office.

This fancy thing wasn’t available when I bought mine. This one looks extra as hell.




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