//Joyride006: Meet bikey author, publisher & advocate Elly Blue

Joyride006: Meet bikey author, publisher & advocate Elly Blue

Meet Elly!

This is episode # 6 of the Joyride and even though this is a still a tiny little baby podcast, it’s a pretty BIG episode, because it is with none other than the fantastic Elly Blue.
You may remember her name mentioned in the first two episodes of the Joyride because she founded The Wheelwomen Switchboard and edited/published The Velocipede Races.
Elly is a bike transportation advocate, an  editor and author who is publishing the feminist bicycle revolution. Her own books include Everyday Bicycling and most recently, Bikeonomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy – a smart look at how we get around, how we spend our money and the real costs of transportation.
All these links go right to Microcosm Publishing, not Amazon. I know you might have Prime, and Amazon might just be easier, but please – do what you can to support small press. This is innovative, quality stuff made with care at an indie publishing house, and your direct support means a lot more to them than it does to Amazon.
Here are timestamps to some of the topics we discuss on this episode:
3:55 – Elly’s first bike
5:45 – Elly moves to Portland
13:18 – Elly’s every ride carry
14:58 – Mechanical comfort & bike maintenance
17:05 – Feeling safe
19:50 – Taking the Lane
25:31 – Fantasy Ride
25:57 – Favorite Places
27:28 – Snacks
28:53 – Bikecamping & Blackberries
30:49 – Bike books! Including Pedal Zombies (where my first piece of fiction is published), Velocipede Races
33:12 – Parting wisdom for the bike curious
Big thanks to Elly for hanging out! You can connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
 I hope you enjoy the show! Let me know what you think at thejoyridepodcast[at]gmail.com.

Joyride, on!



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