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Joyride038: Let’s talk gravel, bike camping, and challenging the status quo that bigger gals must ride for weight-loss with Seattle-based blogger Marley Blonsky

Joyriders, Meet Marley! Friends, I'm so stoked to introduce you to Marley Blonsky.  I absolutely love her unapologetic refusal to make biking in a [...]

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Joyride037: Let’s meet the 2018 Liv Bicycles Brand Ambassador Sonia Ruiz

Joyriders, Meet Sonia! On this episode we meet up with the 2018 Liv cycling Brand ambassador for Portland, Sonia Ruiz. We talk about some [...]

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Joyride036: Meet designer, entrepreneur, stylish bike commuter, and co-founder of Po Campo bags, Maria Boustead

Joyriders, Meet Maria! An industrial designer and daily bike commuter since college, Maria wanted to make a product for women who were biking [...]

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Joyride035: Let’s meet badass Aussie adventure-seeker Richelle Olsen’s group for plus-sized women

Joyriders, Meet Richelle! ✨SHE'S OUR FIRST INTERNATIONAL GUEST! ✨ Richelle Olsen is a badass Australian adventure-seeker who is all about body positivity and escaping [...]

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Joyride034: Let’s talk bike tours, #metoo, and cultivating intuition with writer, artist, and cycle tourist Olivia Round.

Joyriders, Meet Olivia!   On the show I talk with writer, artist, and bicycle tourist Olivia Round who is currently in the process [...]

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Joyride033: Saddle up, cargo mamas – we talk family biking with podcaster Sara Kopper of Family Pedals

Joyriders, Meet Sarah! Sarah Kopper hosts the podcast Family Pedals, featuring - you guessed it: families on bikes! Sarah explores the dynamics of [...]

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