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Joyride021: Pedaling Past 40 with writer & zine-maker Julie Brooks

Meet Julie! Howdy Joyriders! On today’s show I chat with Julie Brooks, creatrix of the Pedal by Pedal zine about women over 40 who [...]

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Joyride020: Roadside Poetry + Brittany Graham of She Rides Her Bike and Beat Cycles

Meet Brittany! Howdy Joyriders! It's FebBREWary and BIKE LOVE is in the air! If you stumble upon this before Feb. 10, 2017 and you're in the [...]

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Joyride019: Let’s meet Megan Hottman, the Cyclist Lawyer

Meet Megan! Howdy Joyriders! I opened this show with a few thoughts about the wintry weather we've had here in Portland over the past week. [...]

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Joyride018: Let’s talk bikes and building community with femme wrench Tara Escudero!

Meet Tara! Howdy Joyriders! I opened this show with a few thoughts about bike commuting! I've ridden a whopping 2300 miles since May, and even [...]

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Joyride017: Meet the Rebel Without a Car, Mary McGowan!

Meet Mary! Howdy Joyriders! I opened this week with a few thoughts on the political events of this week as they relate to women. [...]

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Joyride007: Meet adventurer, cyclist and doula Em Flynn

Meet Em! This is episode # 7 of the Joyride  - a celebration of women who ride bikes! Each week I publish a new [...]

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Joyride006: Meet bikey author, publisher & advocate Elly Blue

Meet Elly! This is episode # 6 of the Joyride and even though this is a still a tiny little baby podcast, it’s [...]

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Joyride005: Meet feisty Seattle commuter Ella Dorband

Meet Ella! On this the fifth episode of the Joyride, I chat with Ella Dorband from deep in the heart of the Seattle Art [...]

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Joyride004: Meet bike touring musician Jasmine Reese II

  Here are the links we discuss in the show: FiJaPaw - Fiji and Jasmine Pedal Around the World Support Fiji and Jasmine! [...]

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Joyride003: Meet Newbie Bike Tourist Mollie Futterman

Meet Mollie! Here are the links we discuss in the show: Bicycle Transportation Alliance Women Bike L. L. Stub Stewart State Park BikeFarm [...]

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