//Joyride020: Roadside Poetry + Brittany Graham of She Rides Her Bike and Beat Cycles

Joyride020: Roadside Poetry + Brittany Graham of She Rides Her Bike and Beat Cycles

Meet Brittany!

Howdy Joyriders!

It’s FebBREWary and BIKE LOVE is in the air!

If you stumble upon this before Feb. 10, 2017 and you’re in the Portland, Oregon area on that date, check out Live the Revolution’s Bike Love Stories for live story telling on the stage from some bikey Portlanders. The event will be hosted by friend of the show Leah Benson of Gladys Bikes. Check out her episode of the Joyride here. Please say hi if you see me! I’d love to meet you 🙂

Also friends, I found some roadside poetry in our neighborhood that I shared on the show this week. Here are the snaps of that window (and here is a link to her new location):




>>>What kind of roadside poetry do you encounter? Take a pic and tag the show on the Instagram!<<<

On this episode I chat with Brittany Graham from She Rides Her Bike @sheridesherbike) about new momhood, community and building relationships by bike, and an every ride carry so …handy… you’ll wonder why you never thought of it.

Here are links to some of the topics discussed in this show:
9:00 Sunrise in Brecksville
18:00 training wheels
21:00 unending bikey permutations!
28:30 Brittany’s Spot Rally “Red”
28:44 Every ride carry
30:00 Bikes are everything!
34:00 traffic safety / Bike ClevelandBike Lakewood
Big thanks to Brittany for hanging out and having a bike love chat with us! Here’s her blog She Rides Her Bike and definitely give her a follow on Instagram. Follow the show too, while you’re at it @thejoyridepodcast.
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Forever Forward,

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