/, Podcast/Joyride040: Let’s talk bikes, adventure, and camping with Molly Sugar and Jocelyn Quarrell of WTF Bikexplorers

Joyride040: Let’s talk bikes, adventure, and camping with Molly Sugar and Jocelyn Quarrell of WTF Bikexplorers

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Joyriders, Meet Molly & Jocelyn!

Ah, you blurry ass iPhone!

On this LONG AWAITED season finale, we hang out at StreamPDX with bike adventure organizers and general badasses Molly Sugar of Friends on Bikes and Jocelyn Gaudi Quarrell of Komorebi Cycling. Molly and Jocelyn are two of the six gals who are heading up WTF Bikexplorers.

I am so excited to share this chat with you. On this episode we hang out at StreamPDX – a cute n cozy little Airstream turned recording studio – and talk about all the good stuff – including WTF bikeplorers, favorite stretches of road, cat holes, camping jitters, and more.


Molly googles “how to bike across america”
‘Yonce – Blow

Whitney Ford-Terry – “the guru of everything”
impractical packing necessities!
first aid kits
safety meetings
cat holes – bury yer poops 6”-7” deep, 200 ft from any body of water!
Swift Industries – Cuba touring gallery
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Big thanks to Molly Sugar and Jocelyn Quarrel for hanging out, and thanks to all the WTF Bikexplorers – including Whitney, Sarah, Mary, and Nam – for all the work they’re doing to get folks on bikes out into the wild.
I had the pleasure of going to the third and final bike adventure workshop that Jocelyn and Molly coordinated with Cup & Bar here in Portland. I got to hang out, have a beer with pals, do some learnin’, and hear some great stories from voices you already know – such as friend of the show Mollie Futterman from launch week! She told us about a recent bike packing trip to Costa Rica – and some others who I hope to introduce you to soon!
Oh, all you Molly Sugar fans out there – check her out on PLP Talks.

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  • Cycle Oregon Classic: September 8-15

East Bay WomenBike Book Club: 2nd Thursdays (Oakland, CA)

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Keep moving forward and until next time I hope you enjoy the ride.

Forever Forward!



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