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Joyride016: Let’s talk WomenBikePDX, “roll” models, and bike love with Nicole Davenport

Meet Nicole! On this episode of the Joyride I chat with one of the women who were instrumental in bringing the Women Bike [...]

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Joyride015: Meet.. me, Cat! The Joyride is featured on The Pedalshift Project!

Meet.. me, Cat! Howdy Joyriders! This week on the show you'll meet me, in conversation with Tim Mooney from the Pedalshift Project! I definitely [...]

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Joyride014: Meet international bicycle touring photographer Katherine Walton

Meet Katherine! Howdy Joyriders! This week on the show you'll meet Katherine Walton who shares with us some stories about her 14,000 miles pedaling [...]

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Joyride013: Meet WomenBikePHL Devo coach & Laser Cat Elisabeth Reinkordt

Meet Elisabeth! Howdy Joyriders! On this week's episode I chat with Elisabeth Reinkordt, cycling coach for WomenBikePHL Devo (shorthand for development team) and Team Laser Cats [...]

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Joyride012: Meet bicycle touring spinster Gretchen Howell

Meet Gretchen! Mei Mei at Mt. Rushmore // Photo Credit: Gretchen Howell Howdy Joyriders! On this week's episode I chat with Gretchen Howell, a [...]

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Joyride011: Meet nomadic MTB-lovin’ metal smith, Casey Sheppard

Meet Casey! You are in for a treat today friends, because you are about to meet artist and mountain biker Casey Sheppard from [...]

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Joyride010: Meet Leah Benson, Gladys Bikes shop owner

Meet Leah! Okay Joyriders, I’m all jazzed up because this week I get to chat with Leah Benson. Leah is the owner of [...]

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Joyride009: Meet mountain biker & blogger Josie Smith of Josie’s Bike Life

Meet Josie! Howdy Joyriders, On this 9th episode of the Joyride I chat with Iowa native Josie Smith of Josie's Bike Life, a [...]

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Joyride008: Meet Black Girls Do Bike founder Monica Garrison

Meet Monica! Wanna win this tshirt? Check out the Instacontest below. Photo: Chancelor Humphrey of @keeppittsburghdope) This is episode # 8 [...]

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Joyride007: Meet adventurer, cyclist and doula Em Flynn

Meet Em! This is episode # 7 of the Joyride  - a celebration of women who ride bikes! Each week I publish a new [...]

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