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Joyride013: Meet WomenBikePHL Devo coach & Laser Cat Elisabeth Reinkordt

Meet Elisabeth!

Howdy Joyriders!

On this week’s episode I chat with Elisabeth Reinkordt, cycling coach for WomenBikePHL Devo (shorthand for development team) and Team Laser Cats member.

On this episode we’ll chat about developing women as racers, permission to compete, women wrenching, pickles, and making our own damn media.
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Here are some of the topics discussed in this show:
8:30 WomenBikePHL Devo coverage from Philly Mag
12:30 Transformation and Competition
21:00 The Laser Cats Feline All-Stars
V Street 
The Rocky Fleet from partner Bicycle Therapy 
30:00 Women Wrench
Women’s bike mechanic scholarship at UBI 
33:00 Free to fail
38:00 Road racing as a team sport
Kirsten Wild 
45:00 MTB/CX as family reunion/team sport
Skratch Labs
Rip Van Wafels 
Proof is in the Pickle
Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator
1:10:00 What do you wish more women knew about bike racing?
1:20:00 Body type advantages in team cycling
1:26:00 Superpower
1:29:00 Closing notes
Rapha braver than the elements
Bicycling Mag snapchat is “bicyclingmag”
“My Week” video series
PAY ATTENTION TO WOMEN’S CYCLING & when in doubt, make your own media! Dammit.Connect with Elisabeth here:
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Joyride, on!



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