//Joyride010: Meet Leah Benson, Gladys Bikes shop owner

Joyride010: Meet Leah Benson, Gladys Bikes shop owner

Meet Leah!

gladys-809Okay Joyriders, I’m all jazzed up because this week I get to chat with Leah Benson.

Leah is the owner of Gladys Bikes an excellent women-focused shop here in Portland.

On today’s show we talk about bike camping, the lady business of the bike industry, and of course, snacks.

Here are the timestamps to some of the things we chat about:

7:00 – finding Gladys
10:00 – adventure & gravel (oxbow, champoeg, stub stewart, crown zellerbach trail)
13:30 – where in the world?
15:00 – safety bubble
20:00 – best. commute. ever.
22:00 – snacks & parades
24:00 – haulin badassery
28:00 – leah’s demo saddle tip
Snack Parade podcast (down there)
31:50 – parting wisdom

Make sure you check out Gladys Bikes, connect socially on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Next week on the show we’ll have the metal smithing, trail grinding nomad herself, Casey Sheppard from Case of the Nomads. You do not want to miss it!

Be sure to follow me @girleatsbike on Facebook, the Twitter, Instagram – even Pinterest, where today I was curating my new board called “Bike Snacks”. You know how I do.

I hope you enjoy the show! Let me know what you think at girleatsbike[at]gmail.com.

Joyride, on!




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