//Joyride011: Meet nomadic MTB-lovin’ metal smith, Casey Sheppard

Joyride011: Meet nomadic MTB-lovin’ metal smith, Casey Sheppard

Meet Casey!

caseys map 2You are in for a treat today friends, because you are about to meet artist and mountain biker Casey Sheppard from Case of the Nomads – a yearlong (14 month) road trip where Casey has been visiting art and mountain biking communities to connect with others. With the help of her brother, she converted a Ford transit connect into a live/work space then packed up her jewelry artist studio, dog and bike to live a life on the road.


In this episode we are OBVIOUSLY going to dig into this experience, we’re also going to talk about going tubeless, living in a van down by the river, finding community on the road and the trail, and pickles.

Here are the timestamps to some of the things we chat about:

2:30 Brockway, PA Brockway Center for Arts & Technology, http://www.brockwaycatart.org/home

4:30 Pins in the Map
Rebecca Rusch, Wheel Girls Camp
Gravity Girls

6:40 Casey’s first bike

9:20 Learning to MTB

11:00 Nomadic spark – aka living in a van down by the river

20:30 Casey’s favorite rides on the road

Duthie Park

25:00 Mechanical comfort on the bike

28:40 Booting a tire, Stans

31:45 Bike shops & communities

Gravel World, PCL

Absolute Bike Shops, Sedona

Planet Bike, near DuBois


Kat Sweet, Sweetlines

Drunk Cyclist

35:20 Touring aspirations

AIDs Lifecycle

Pittsburgh-DC, GAP Trail
Decorah Bicycle Shop

38:00 Casey’s favorite bike snacks

41:30 Dream ride

42:20 Advice for newbs

Make sure you check out Case of the Nomads, connect socially on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Next week on the show we’ll catch up with spinster Gretchen Howell, who’s on her solo North American bike tour. You do not want to miss it!

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I hope you enjoy the show! Let me know what you think at girleatsbike[at]gmail.com.

Joyride, on!



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