//Joyride007: Meet adventurer, cyclist and doula Em Flynn

Joyride007: Meet adventurer, cyclist and doula Em Flynn

Meet Em!

This is episode # 7 of the Joyride  – a celebration of women who ride bikes! Each week I publish a new conversation with a different woman who rides a bike in some form or fashion.
This week on the Joyride I’m joined by adventurer, cyclist and doula Em Flynn, who is the author of “This is Not a Guide Book” – we’re going to talk about touring Iceland, breaking down in Bellingham, and doing things your own damn way.
Here are timestamps to some of the topics we discuss on this episode:
3:10 – Em’s first bike
8:40 – Touring Iceland
18:39 – Em’s every ride carry
20:11 – Mechanical comfort & aspirations
22:33 – Breaking down in Bellingham
28:54 – Safety dance & Misogyny
34:40 – Pain points
36:47 – Shout out to Joey at Velorution Cycles
39:40 – Advice for new riders
41:10 – Fantasy ride
42:20 – Parting wisdom & link to “This is not a Guide Book”
Big thanks to Em for hanging out & sharing her time! You can connect with her on Instagram.

I hope you enjoy the show! Let me know what you think at girleatsbike[at]gmail.com.

Joyride, on!



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