//Joyride022: Meet Arleigh Jenkins, formerly known as BikeShopGirl

Joyride022: Meet Arleigh Jenkins, formerly known as BikeShopGirl

Meet Arleigh!

Howdy Joyriders!

On this episode of The Joyride, I chat with the Arleigh formerly known as BikeShopGirl, Arleigh Jenkins. We talk about raising a strong daughter, her transition away from the BSG blog to something bigger, and of course where it all started.

If you’re listening on a mobile device, you can probably just tap the screen to get to the show notes, otherwise go to girleatsbike.com/joyride022.

Ovarian Psychos

Ovarian Psychos documentary with is being aired on PBS on March 27. My wife and I saw this film here in Portland and it is a MUST see. It’s a film about women of color in East LA who confront injustice and build community through their bicycle crew, Ovarian Psychos. They call themselves Ovas, and they are fierce.

Ovarian Psycos – Teaser from ovarianpsycosmovie@gmail.com on Vimeo.

Set your VCR to check out these badass Ovas on PBS, March 27. Link here.


If you are here in the Portland area, yours truly is going to be hosting a bike camping overnight at the end of June with WomenBikePDX. This will be similar to the ride I did last year with friend of the show Mollie Futterman (check out her episode here). For details on the Roll Models program, click here.

WomenBike PDX is an inclusive group organized by the Street Trust, meant to bridge the gender gap for Portland bikey-folk. I’m super proud to be one of their Roll Models, a peer-mentoring program to help get more women on bikes. So if you’re a gal or gal-identified in the Portand area and want to try bike commuting, or want to run errands but need some help with figuring out how to carry stuff, or maybe you’re in the market for a new ride and want someone to be your wing-women or whatever when you go shopping – then I highly recommend you check out the WomenBike PDX Roll Models program. if you have any questions about the camping event here in Portland, or want to connect with me as a Roll Model, or with any other questions or comments – you can email me at THEJOYRIDEPODCAST[at]GMAIL.com or click here to learn more about the program from the Street Trust.

Pedal by Pedal zine (update)

Another thing Joyriders, friend of the show Julie Brooks has put out an invitation to start working on the next volume of Pedal by Pedal! Check out her ask on Wheelwomen Switchboard as promised here – I’m certain Julie would love to hear from you!

Be our Guest!

Do you know of a gal you’d like to hear on the show? Nominate a friend, or yourself, to be a guest at bit.ly/joyrideguest! I’d love to hear from you and build this big, beautiful, vibrant community.

Meet Arleigh!

Our guest Arleigh Jenkins has been all over the industry from different angles – from managing shops, to being a professional race mechanic, sales and marketing at the brand level, to racing her bike all over the country. Arleigh has spent ten years empowering women through stories, reviews, and videos on her blog BikeShopGirl. She’s now fighting the good fight at bikelaw.com and doing a more inclusive badass empowering type thing at arleigh.co. By the way, I was so starstruck that i totally spaced out on O-fficially congratulating Arleigh and her wife on their recent marriage – congrats fam, love wins!

Here’s a picture of Arleigh’s cute-ass family:

Inline image 2


Folks, I’m going to pass on time stamps – it takes too long and honestly I don’t think they add value to anyone’s lives. If you use them, or miss them, let me know. Otherwise I need to cut down on the time it takes to produce each show if I want to keep a consistent schedule.

Anywhoo, if you miss the timestamps, just let me know:

REI Women’s Adventure trips

“REI Women’s Adventures are extraordinary journeys for women who want to experience the world—not just see it. Guests travel with all-female guides and a ready-made group of girlfriends. These lively trips blend outdoor activities with local spots, cuisines and communities you wouldn’t find on your own.”


Personal training, nutrition, and life coaching  on the go – all from your mobile device.

Liv Cycling

Spun-off from GIANT, “Liv is the first cycling brand dedicated completely to the female cyclist, with bikes and gear made from the ground up for women, by women.”

Ghost bikes in memoriam

“Ghost Bikes are small and somber memorials for bicyclists who are killed or hit on the street. A bicycle is painted all white and locked to a street sign near the crash site, accompanied by a small plaque. They serve as reminders of the tragedy that took place on an otherwise anonymous street corner, and as quiet statements in support of cyclists’ right to safe travel.The first ghost bikes were created in St. Louis, Missouri in 2003.”

GHOST-brand bikes

“Born in a small Bavarian village and a trusted European name for more than 20 years, GHOST crafts world-class bicycles with German bicycle technology. Offering a full range of options from touring to downhill mountain bikes, GHOST-brand bikes are now available in the United States, only at REI.”

arleigh.co: “Bike more, worry less”

This is Arleigh’s new digital corner of the web. Visit for gear, reviews, stories, and the written word. Here’s her piece on the Inauguration we talked about.

Bullitt cargo bikes

Bike Snacks!

Hammer products (bars)

Skratch Labs – but mostly just eat real, whole food

Mountain Biking

Pisgah Forest

Green Mountain, Colorado

Vida MTB Clinics

Looking Forward

North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS)


Bike Law is a national network of independent bicycle crash lawyers who have handled thousands of cases and the difference between a bicycle accident and bicycle crash, and why it matters.

USA Cycling partners w/ Bike Law

USA Cycling is the national governing body for the sport of cycling in the United States. It is launching a range of initiatives designed to improve the safety of cycling, a cause of extending exclusive legal benefits to members through Bike Law.

Bike Law Defense League – pro bono work to help defend cyclists

Big thanks to Arleigh for hanging out and sharing the bike love with us! Connect with her on the Instagram, Twitter, or her site at Arleigh.co.

Friends, you know I believe in the transformative power of the bike, in our personal lives, our communities, and the world at large. I would be super grateful if you’d leave a rating or review in iTunes, Stitcher, or via whatever method you listen. It helps more gals find the show, and I believe the more stories we share, the more women who ride, we make this world – both our internal and external worlds – better with every revolution. Ratings and reviews help with that, but nothing is better than a personal referral, it’d be rad if you would share the show with even just one woman who you think might dig it.

As always, friends, I appreciate your time and your attention.

Remember, life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage,

Keep moving forward and until next time I hope you enjoy the ride.

Forever Forward,


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