/, Podcast/Joyride023: Meet the Toxic Shocks. Women who ride. Period.

Joyride023: Meet the Toxic Shocks. Women who ride. Period.

Meet Angie, Amy, Heddy, and Made Victoria of Houston’s Toxic Shocks!

Howdy Joyriders!

On this episode of The Joyride, I chat with four members of Houston’s Toxic Shocks Cycling group! In this laughter-filled show, we chat about the power of riding in a group of women, being provocative, and I get totally schooled on bike snacks!

I was introduced to the Toxic Shocks by friend of the show, Femmewrench Tara Escudero – check out her episode of The Joyride here.

Friends on Bikes

There’s a new inaugural Women of Color social ride in Portland hosted by a new group called Friends on Bikes.

The ride is intended to break down barriers and claim space for Women/trans/femme/non-binary people of color in this overwhelmingly pasty-white biketown.

Check out this fantastic write up in the Portland Mercury here. Check out their FB group here, and follow up on Twitter and Instagram.

Be our Guest!

Do you know of a gal you’d like to hear on the show? Nominate a friend, or yourself, to be a guest at bit.ly/joyrideguest! I’d love to hear from you and build this big, beautiful, vibrant community.

Meet Angie, Amy, Heddy, and Made Victoria!

I cannot even believe how much I smiled while recording and listening back to this podcast! It was so much fun to chat with this inspiring group of gals. You can’t see Amy in the screenshot below, but she was there 🙂


From the Toxic Shocks Cycling site:

We strive to promote and encourage women’s cycling in Houston.

This group is a conglomeration of ladies and friends who ride bikes. The rides stop at bars and other fun places, to drinky drank and talk girl smack. To be clear, we welcome anyone who identifies as a woman and/or is non binary and/or trans! The goal of this group is to provide a safe space for women to enjoy Houston’s growing cycling community.

The meet-up is every Monday evening around 7 p.m. Carnegie Van Guard High School (Taft/West Gray) on top of the parking garage. Roll out is about 7:15 p.m.

New riders, please note that it is necessary to bring a bike lock, lights for riding at night, drivers license or ID (for bar entry) and cash or credit card.”

toxic shocks HTX cookies

Make sure to visit ToxicShocksCycling.com or link up with their FB group for information on their weekly ride and other events like MS150, Alley Cats, Bike Around the Bay, Cranksgiving, and more.

Big thanks to Toxic Shocks Cycling for hanging out and sharing the bike love with us! Connect with them on the Instagram, Facebook, or their site at ToxicShocksCycling.com.

Friends, you know I believe in the transformative power of the bike, in our personal lives, our communities, and the world at large. I would be super grateful if you’d leave a rating or review in iTunes, Stitcher, or via whatever method you listen. It helps more gals find the show, and I believe the more stories we share, the more women who ride, we make this world – both our internal and external worlds – better with every revolution. Ratings and reviews help with that, but nothing is better than a personal referral, it’d be rad if you would share the show with even just one woman who you think might dig it.

Remember, life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.

Keep moving forward and until next time I hope you enjoy the ride.

Forever Forward,


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