/, Podcast/Joyride025: Meet Ayesha McGowan, the woman aiming to become the first female African American professional road cyclist!

Joyride025: Meet Ayesha McGowan, the woman aiming to become the first female African American professional road cyclist!

Howdy Joyriders!

On this episode of The Joyride, I chat with the one and only Ayesha McGowan, who you may also know as A Quick Brown Fox. You may remember her name first mentioned by guest Monica Garrison, Founder of Black Girls Do Bike, back on episode #8 of the Joyride.

Ayesha discovered competitive cycling in 2014 and has since been on a mission to become the first professional female african american road cyclist.

Ayesha has been featured in Bicycling Magazine, Bicycle Times, BBC World, and Vice Sports.

In other news, I want to give a quick shout out to Brock and Aaron of the Sprocket Podcast who kindly hosted me as a guest on their show last week. We talked about GirlEatsBike, Portland, and of course women on bikes. I had a lot of fun chatting with them and getting a behind-the-scenes look at how other podcasters make stuff happen. Link to that right here!

I’m so excited about this show, folks. I’ve been following Ayesha for a while and am totally stoked to get to hear about her journey.
On this episode of the Joyride we’ll hear about Ayesha’s evolution from commuting into advocacy and then competitive racing, using the bike to conquer your fears. inception of A Quick Brown Fox, as well as the Do Better Together rides, and why building community is so important.

Here are a list of links to stuff discussed in this episode in no particular order:

And of course, Michael and Toby!

This was rad. Big thanks to Ayesha for hanging out and sharing the bike love with us! ASK AYESHA here, or connect with her on the Instagram, or Twitter. Also, check out Ayesha co-hosting Fix It Black Jesus, a podcast which takes an unapologetic look at race and politics in today’s America. Get woke.

Friends, you know I believe in the transformative power of the bike, in our personal lives, our communities, and the world at large. I would be super grateful if you’d leave a rating or review in iTunes, Stitcher, or via whatever method you listen. It helps more gals find the show, and I believe the more stories we share, the more women who ride, we make this world – both our internal and external worlds – better with every revolution. Ratings and reviews help with that, but nothing is better than a personal referral, it’d be rad if you would share the show with even just one woman who you think might dig it.

Remember, life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.

Keep moving forward and until next time I hope you enjoy the ride.

Forever Forward,


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