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Joyride026: Meet CycloFemme creatrix and all around badass Sarai Snyder

Howdy Joyriders!

On this episode of The Joyride, I chat with writer, maker, and creatrix Sarai Snyder.

Sarai is a general badass and co-Founder of CycloFemme, a global movement to empower the girl and ignite the woman, now its 6th year.

Empower the Girl. Ignite the Woman. Source: CycloFemme.com

“CycloFemme is a Global Celebration of Women created TO HONOR THE PAST from the shoulders of those who stood before us, for the freedom to choose and the chance to wear pants. TO CELEBRATE THE PRESENT with strength and courage, voices raised, moving together. TO EMPOWER THE FUTURE of women everywhere, the backbone of positive social change.”

Source: CycloFemme.com

CycloFemme 2017 ride list here! or Lead the way by creating a ride!

This year CycloFemme is partnering with World Bicycle Relief to empower school girls in Kenya with bicycles!

(Psst. This is the best cause, you gyns. And you don’t have to ride to donate!)

Sarai has also produced events like TedxBoulder and Founded and Edited GirlBikeLove. While we didn’t talk about it, let’s acknowledge Sarai’s badassery. She ain’t no slouch.

On this episode we’ll talk about the origins of CycloFemme, Sarai’s first bike packing trip, tips for how you can get more comfortable in the great outdoors, why she rides, and of course, bike snacks.

CycloFemme Founders
Source: CycloFemme.com

Here are links to stuff discussed in this episode in no particular order:

This was rad. Big thanks to Sarai for hanging out, giving us a glimpse into the making of CycloFemme, and sharing the bike love with us!

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Forever Forward,


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