/, Podcast/Joyride029: On this Father’s Day episode we chat with Jocelyn Rice about cycle touring over 28k miles with her dad!

Joyride029: On this Father’s Day episode we chat with Jocelyn Rice about cycle touring over 28k miles with her dad!

Howdy Joyriders!

This is a special show – just in time for Father’s Day! One half of the father-daughter duo of fatherdaughtercyclingadventures.com, Jocelyn Rice is with us! On this episode we talk about cycle touring the world (28,000 miles, 37 countries, 33 months! for more awesome stats, click here!) with her dad! Their website features detailed blog posts, and they even have a book!

I’m a little sentimental in the intro to this show, friends. It’s Father’s Day as I type this. I lost my dad, Frank, to pancreatic cancer in 2010. I started really getting into cycling while I was helping to care for him in 2009 after moving back to New Jersey from living in upstate New York. That was the summer I got my first real bike, and Lance Armstrong’s return to the TdF was super heroic and personally inspiring. I watched Le Tour, and would go on rides, pushing out the mileage to explore more and go further. In no small way, this time was instrumental in the reclamation of my life and health. I talked about that with Brock and Aaron from the Sprocket Podcast here.

I used to ride on the D&R Canal Tow Path a lot, and my dad told me a story about how when he was a Boy Scout, he and his troop went on a bike overnight! They took the D&R Canal up, probably to its’ terminus in Frenchtown, camped overnight, and then came back the next day. I thought that was really cool, and he thought my new interest in bikes was really cool. Check out some vintage posts about this time from my other life here, here, and here. Later, while cleaning out my parents house, I found this fantastic photo. I believe this photo was taken in front of the New Jersey National Guard Armory in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.


After my father passed away (on my birthday, actually) in 2010, I ended up selling some of his workshop tools on Craigslist and to a friend of the family. I used a few bucks from that to purchase my treasured Ortlieb roll-top panniers and my Apex tent in 2011 for my first bike tour – the Midway to Cape May ride. (Read about that here, here, and here. I talked about that ride with Tim from Pedalshift here.) These are essential pieces of gear, and in this way, I am still held and supported by my dad. In this way, he gets to join me on every bike camping experience. While I wish it could have been more, I am so thankful.

Oh, one cool coincidence is that Jocelyn is from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and her dad is an electrical engineer who worked on the Space Shuttle program. My dad was a computer guy who worked as a consultant on some component (a camera, I think?) that is on the Lunar Rover. Something my dad worked on is on the friggin Moon right now. How cool is that? Here’s a moody-looking pic of him (complete with early 80’s jorts – wonder where I get it from?) in front of a LVR replica taken at the Kennedy Space Center.



Miss you, Pops* Happy Fathers Day. Xo

Now, Let’s Meet Jocelyn Rice!

Here’s a great pic of Jocelyn and her dad on tour:


Some topics discussed in this episode in no particular order:

Jocelyn’s first bike tour was in fifth grade!

Warm Showers

MSR Hubba Hubba (link to the newer version: Hubba Hubba NX)

REI 3 Person Dome

Hiring bikes in New Zealand.

Some favorite roads –

Cycling the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile

Cycling in the snow out of Montenegro into Serbia

Pocket tortillas and Green Papaya Salad.

Surprising safety dynamic between Jocelyn and her dad.

Keeping the wheels turning.

Fox Glacier – ice climbing on a break day?

Island Ometepe, Lake Nicaragua

Her next (micro) adventure!

Marakesh Express, Morocco

Big thanks to Jocelyn for hanging out! Be sure to follow her on Instagram and of course at fatherdaughtercyclingadventures.com.

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Keep moving forward and until next time I hope you enjoy the ride.

Forever Forward,

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